❤ The Big Move ❤

About a week ago daddy and I went apartment hunting, it was a very tiresome day for us and I was being bratty. After hours of searching the first day we didn’t really find anything except ratchet,ugly, and scary apartments that made me wanna curl up in a ball and hide. I however enjoyed eating at chickfila and being out and about. Needless to say, we passed out when we got back home and tried again the following day. The 2 hour drive down to the new location we’d be residing in felt longer than normal. I of course took a nap while daddy drove all the way there on only less than 5 hours of sleep after watching Shane Dawson videos all night, and he complains about MY poor decision making. Tisk. Tisk. Maybe daddy should get time out and ouchies instead. Just kidding daddy.. (Not) Anyways, after checking out a couple of apartments that were not available, which included one that looked like a castle!!! I wanted that one so bad, but it wasn’t gonna be available till September and we needed one NOW, we finally found one in our budget that wasn’t crazy. Move in is Aug. 15 and I can’t wait!! Though I’m a little to lazy to pack… Have a wonderful, beautiful, amazing day my fellow princesses and kings. ❤❤❤