My punishments😭


(My daddy adds a spanking to all my non-spanking punishments since those really work for me and he’s a strict daddy)

Mouth soaping: Mainly for backtalk and disrespect

Time out/Corner: Mainly used as a warning for me to calm down before I get it.

Writing lines: Mainly as a reminder not to do what I did.

Ex: “I will not throw a tantrum.” ×100

Early bedtimes: Mainly when I stay up past my bedtime.. Like right now..👀

No sweets: Mainly when I indulge in sweets before dinner time.

Grounding: Mainly when I misbehave in public..

How grounding works: Lets say I got grounded for a week/weekend/night/whatever, so then I would get spanked every night after my hour of “self reflect time” (time out). Also I would have to do chores all week and no laptop, phone can only be used for calling/texting family/friends.

(I have no issues with the grounding rules, some might think its a bit much, but its what works for us so please do what works for you 🙂 )


Belt: Normal everyday naughtiness

Hand: Warm-up

Paddle: More extreme offense or build up of naughtiness. 


Anal: Mainly when we do maintenance, it helps me feel submissive.

Blowjobs: I do not like giving them, so it is a very effective punishment lol.  

So yah that’s all my punishments.. I feel exposed.. Hahahahahha 


One thought on “My punishments😭

  1. I personally don’t really have a formal punishment dynamic. I think for me just knowing that I disappointed and would be enough. And I can tell by the tone of voice when he’s had enough breading and is serious. That being said though, if I did you something that I wasn’t supposed to do or if I was being distracted by something, he would take something I really doing away for me. Until I did whatever I was supposed to do. I don’t know if that makes sense but I hope it did.

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